FH-DCE Super Rally ® 2012
Ballenstedt / Germany
24.05. - 28.05.


17.10.2012, 18:35:10

buy now and you w'll get discount at merchandising superrally shop

17.10.2012, 18:24:37

buy now and you w'll get discount at merchandising superrally shop

06.06.2012, 09:13:11

Hi folks,

both bikes stay in Germany.
But don't worry, they do not remain in the H-DCD  :-)
The winners have been notified.
The first transfer will take place next week in Magdeburg.
Photos will be submitted later.

15.06.2012 - Update: the first winner has get his bike. See more on www.facebook.com/superrally

21.05.2012, 20:57:23

Our first video from building up one of the big tents:

Have a look on Youtube

15.05.2012, 13:22:34

The RV spaces, which we had offered for pre-orders are full now .
But we still have a place available, where can stay even a few mobile homes.
The area did not belongs to us. It's about 10 minutes walk from the event grounds.
Interested parties may obtain further information about availability and price by email at info@ff-gala.de.

Neue Bahnnofstr. 2
06493 Ballenstedt

23.04.2012, 13:15:01

New top act

24.03.2012, 12:06:16

We are very sorry, that HammerFall have canceled the promised visit of the superrally 2012 and the associated headlining performance.
This is due to the fact that the contract beeing signed by the company big issue sweden and the HammerFall tourmanagement was terminated for reasons of finance what they have promised.
We are very sorry about the circumstances and we try to find a equivalent replacement in a short amount of time.

23.03.2012, 09:35:35

Bike Show on Saturday.

For more information have a look at the program

15.02.2012, 16:41:43

On facebook you'll find some pictures from the preliminary to the Super Rally and assemble the bikes for the raffle. This is also material that you'll find later on the Super Rally DVD. --- So take a look and visit us on facebook
to facebook gallery

08.02.2012, 18:11:43

The reservations for the parking place for caravans and trailers can now be made​​. The number is limited. There are the following sizes, each with power supply:

Size 1) 9 x 4,5m = 180 €
Size 2) 6 x 4,5m = 130 €

Incl. 10 € electricity charge and VAT

--- SOLD OUT ---

08.02.2012, 11:30:19

Rental toilets must be pre-ordered and cost 105 € for the entire event period! But they can only be installed on the designated roads.

Disabled Toilets are also available and cost 120 €.

--- SOLD OUT ---

15.12.2011, 09:43:42

Owner and Sponsor
Kulle Logistik
Thorsten Kulle

Sponsor Plane
Harley-Davidson Magdeburg GmbH


MegaSpace Fahrerhaus (Stehhöhe im Fahrerhaus 1.970 mm)
Motor V6 mit 320 KW / 435 PS bei 1.800 /Min
11.946 cm³, 2.100 Nm bei 1.080 /Min
Euro5 Bluetec EEV (höchste Umweltnorm)
Powershift Schaltung
Voith Retarder, Leistungsoptimiert
Fleetboard OnlineTelematik Fahrzeugüberwachung (Wirtschaftlichkeit)
Active Brake Assist 2
Lastzuggesamtgewicht 40 Tonnen
Fahrzeughöhe 4 Meter

3-achsiger Luftgefederter Auflieger
Scheiben gebremst
Aerodynamisch optimiert
Edscher Plane

01.11.2011, 10:32:47

The forms for the preorder have gone online. You can choose between a maximum of 10 tickets or a complete package. Just look around ...

The ticket pre-order has closed!

24.10.2011, 12:47:16

1903 insurance services has delivered the "2011 Sportster Iron 883". We've brought it to KRUSE-Design , so the guys can beautify the bike.

In the gallery you'll find some photos of the successful "art" that you can win at the event.

04.10.2011, 11:40:25

The music program is almost finished.
Have a look and see which bands are playing on which day.

to program

11.07.2011, 19:14:32

1903 Insurance services will donate these "2011 Sportster Iron 883" as a prize for the Super Rally.

20.06.2011, 16:18:36

Under the menu-item "Infos" you'll find a few links to accommodations around Ballenstedt.

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